A swab and testing kit on a table.

Mandatory COVID-19 Testing

In order to protect the campus community, WMU has created the COVID-19 surveillance testing program for unvaccinated students, faculty and staff who live, attend classes or use resources at any of Western's campuses. Mandatory no-cost testing will begin at the start of the fall semester and continue every week through the end of September. Thereafter, individuals will continue to be subject to regular testing for the remainder of the academic year—or until they are fully vaccinated. 

Where to get tested

Unvaccinated students, faculty and staff who are required to get tested will need to visit the Fetzer Center for their self-administered COVID-19 test.

The Fetzer Center is open for testing from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.



Western's mandatory COVID-19 testing is appointment only. Choose a convenient time to be at the Fetzer Center; lines may be long, so allow extra time.

Schedule your appointment for testing.


You are encouraged to walk to the test site. The Fetzer Center parking lot will be available for any visitor to the test site during clinic hours. 

How it works

  1. Bring your Bronco Card with you to the Fetzer Center. 
  2. Access your daily screening badge on your smartphone to show at the door of the Fetzer Center. 
  3. Swipe your Bronco Card to receive a Binx Health testing kit. Follow the instructions to create an account and fill out a small label. 
  4. Take all materials to the observation station and follow the step-by-step process to gather a valid sample using a nasal swab. Do not touch the swab tip with your hands or allow it to contact any other surface.
  5. Return swab to the vial, close it and seal it in the bag.
  6. Hand the bag and the QR code card to the person behind the observation table and they will activate your kit.
  7. We'll ship the sample to the lab for analysis.

Open the box. Then fill out the testing label. Take the test. Put the vial with your swab in it inside the shipping bag.

Frequently asked questions

Am I required to get mandated testing?

Testing process

  • What kind of test is being used?

    Binx Health provides a PCR test. The sample collection material provided for testing is a nasal swab to be inserted about one 1/2 inch into both nostrils. COVID-19 PCR testing detects an active infection of SARS-CoV-2. A positive result may indicate that you have the virus and are infectious.

  • Do the testing swabs contain EO (Ethylene Oxide) or PEG (Polyethylene Glycol)?

    Neither of these compounds are used to sterilize or produce the swabs or other testing materials.

  • Is the test safe for people who have sinus issues?

    Yes, the test is self-administered and is only inserted a half inch into the nostril.

  • When should I arrive for my test?

    Each week, those required to test must schedule an appointment during that week. Choose a time that fits your schedule. Employees should work with their supervisor to arrange a time to take the test. Students should allow enough time around their class schedule in case the line is longer than expected. For example, don’t arrive at 1:45 p.m. for your test if your class starts at 2 p.m. While traffic flow cannot be predicted, the days with the shortest wait times tend to be Wednesday and Thursday.

  • How can I cancel or reschedule my test appointment?

    When you sign up for an appointment, you will receive an automated email message confirming the time and day of your appointment. Within that email, you will see a link to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

  • Will there be accommodation at the testing site for those with disabilities?

    The Fetzer Center is barrier-free. Staff will be on hand to assist those who need assistance with technology. 

  • When and how will I be notified about the results?

    Results are available within 24 to 48 hours. You will receive a text message or email from the test provider, Binx Health, about a negative result based on the preferences you set when you created your account. If your result is positive, you will receive a phone call from Sindecuse Health Center staff and your badge status will be updated.

  • What if I miss my test for the week?

    Your badge status will turn red after you have missed testing for the week, reflecting that you have not complied with the testing mandate and are not cleared to enter campus facilities. This means you may not enter classrooms, eat inside dining centers, use the Student Recreation Center or attend ticketed events.

    You may pick up food only, no dine-in, at Henry Hall Grab N Go and take it to your residence. You will still be asked to show your badge.

  • How are my privacy rights respected in this testing program?

    Documentation regarding vaccination status and responses to the COVID-19 daily health survey will be maintained as protected health information under the HIPAA regulations. The University has the right to ask employees to share their vaccine status to be removed from the regular COVID-19 testing requirement. Supervisors may get access to vaccination status on a “need to know” basis so they are able to grant release time to go get tested. You may always choose to not share your vaccination status, but then you will be required to be tested regularly. The University offers more guidance about HIPAA and COVID-19 on the health center's webpage.

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