In Case of Emergency

If you have a medical emergency, dial 911.

  • State your name.
  • State your problem.
  • Give your location.
  • Provide your phone number (or one nearby).
  • Whenever possible, have another person wait for the ambulance and direct the attendants to you.

Local Emergency Centers:

In addition, there are several immediate care centers to treat minor, urgent health problems. They are listed in the Yellow Pages of your phone book or may be found with an Internet search.

A decision to seek medical evaluation and treatment at a hospital emergency room or an immediate care center should be made carefully, as it may be an expensive and possibly unnecessary choice. Your Student Health Fee does not cover ambulance service or medical care provided outside the Health Center. Health insurance does not typically cover outpatient hospital visits unless the condition is a true emergency.

Mental Health Emergencies

See our page with emergency mental health resources and 24-hour telephone resources.

Western Michigan University employee after-hours on-the-job injuries
If you are injured on the job when the Health Center is closed, notify your supervisor immediately. You will be taken to Bronson Trauma and Emergency Center or to one of the industrial clinics in Kalamazoo. Follow-up should be at Sindecuse Health Center.