Student Health Assistance Fund

Sindecuse Health Center offers assistance to students faced with unforeseen medical expenses while enrolled at Western Michigan University.

Dr. Bryan Staufer, a former health center physician, and his wife Kathy set up an emergency fund to help WMU students with medical bills. This fund can pay for critical health care for students who have extreme, short-term medical needs and a limited ability to pay. For a student meeting eligibility requirements, the fund may cover up to $600 of expenses incurred at Sindecuse Health Center during an academic year. Some services are not covered: routine preventive care, diagnostic procedures or lab tests sent to outside facilities, massage therapy, drug screens, court-ordered services, TB testing and related-care, late cancel or no-show fees. Assistance is not granted for payments to other medical providers.

The Bryan and Kathy Staufer Emergency Fund is the source of this assistance.  Awards are administered by the Medical Director at Sindecuse Health Center in conjunction with the Patient Access Services Team.

Eligibility Criteria:

An application for assistance weighs several factors. Students must

  • Be currently enrolled, in good standing
  • Demonstrate a financial need
  • Provide documentation of income
  • Have family income at or below 150% of the federal poverty level to qualify for some level of assistance

You may download an application for assistance here.  Bring the completed application to the health center.

Applicants will be asked to make an appointment with a social worker to identify needs, make an application to Medicaid, and find other sources of support at WMU and beyond.

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The fund has helped hundreds of students receive crucial financial support to cover their health care expenses and stay in school. You can support the Bryan and Kathy Staufer Emergency Fund with a donation of any amount.

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Read one student's story of perseverance and success using funds available through the the Staufer Fund.