Physician Evaluation

Our doctors specialize in both non-operative and surgical evaluation and care of conditions including joint and muscle pain, sprains and strains, fracture care and overuse or repetitive injuries. A thorough evaluation is conducted first. Further testing such as X-rays, lab tests, MRI or CT scan may be ordered. Based upon this complete evaluation, a comprehensive treatment plan will be developed, which may include activity modification, bracing or splinting, surgical intervention, medications, physical therapy and exercise.

Orthopedic surgeons

Our specialists also provide medical coverage for the Western Michigan University Broncos athletic teams.

Sports medicine specialists

Our sports medicine doctors are board-certified sports medicine specialists and also provide sports physicals for youth in the community. You may be able to see your favorite community sports medicine specialist at Sindecuse Health Center.


Our podiatrist (specialist in foot and ankle injuries and pain) is from Kalamazoo Foot Surgery P.C.