Support student success at the health center

Health and wellness are key factors in student success. Many students face pressures: the stress of balancing a social, academic, and work life, and unexpected or ongoing illness.  We care about our students. You have made it known that you care too! 

Will you help to lighten a student’s health burden?  Each of us, whether faculty, staff, student, alumni, family member or friend, can support a student in need by giving:

  • $10 to support safe, effective contraception choices, prevent unwanted illness, and provide educational resources
  • $20 towards flu shots for the uninsured, immunizations not covered by insurance, or nursing outreach events
  • $50 for interpretation services for international students using the health center
  • $75 for graduate assistant training and student employment opportunities
  • $100 for additional counseling services support
  • $150 to advance health technology and health equipment for today’s learner
  • $250 to send a student for professional development related to the health professions
  • $500 + to revise health facilities and create a comfortable environment

The button below links to a page with contribution designations for the Sindecuse Health Center fund and the Bryan and Kathy Staufer Emergency Fund. The Staufer Emergency Fund assists students by paying for up to $500 in services per academic year if certain eligibility requirements are met. Generally, students eligible for medicaid and uninsured or under-insured may be awarded funding to offset their bill at the health center. The Sindecuse Health Center fund allows the center to purchase supplies or needed equipment  to support student health.

Make a gift now

Contribute by payroll deduction

WMU employees may set up a recurring paycheck deduction at the WMU Alumni page. Just fill out the form and after selecting the "please choose: designate for the following purpose" pulldown box, type Sindecuse Health Center as the recipient. 

Thank you!

Your gift will translate into student success and diminish real and perceived barriers for those who need a helping hand.