Telephone Navigation

Here are the choices offered when you call Sindecuse Health Center at (269) 387-3287 during regular business hours. Once in the system press * to return to the previous menu. To contact a specific person look for them in the directory. Patients may send their clinician a secure email message by logging in to

1. Hours of operation and fax number  (also available online)

2. Make or cancel an appointment 

  1. Clinical appointment with a doctor, physician assistant, a nurse, the lab or X-ray
  2. Sports medicine physician, physical therapy or massage therapy appointment
  3. Counseling or psychiatrist appointment
  4. Travel nurse appointment

3. Pharmacy

  1. Refill a prescription
  2. Check status of a prescription refill

4. Medical question, or leave a message for a clinician

  1. PA-C Melissa Shields
  2. Dr. Carrie Sandborn
  3. (not used)
  4. Dr. Eric Lean
  5. (not used)
  6. PA-C Haley Crites

5. Billing, insurance, medical records

  1. For billing or insurance questions
  2. Request copies of medical records or lab results
  3. Speak to a cashier to pay a bill

6. Calling from an external medical office to speak with a clinician