Telephone Navigation

Here are the choices offered when you call Sindecuse Health Center at (269) 387-3287 during regular business hours. Once in the system press * to return to the previous menu. To contact a specific person look for them in the directory. Patients may send their clinician a secure email message by logging in to

1. Hours of operation  (also available online)

2. Make or cancel an appointment 

  1. Clinical appointment with a doctor, physician assistant or nurse
  2. Sports medicine physician, physical therapy or massage therapy appointment
  3. Health promotion and education
  4. Counseling or psychiatrist appointment
  5. Lab or x-ray appointment
  6. Travel nurse appointment

3. Pharmacy

  1. Refill a prescription
  2. Check status of a prescription refill

4. Leave a message for a clinician

  1. Dr. Michael Shelden
  2. PA-C Melissa Stegmeyer Shields
  3. PA-C Leah Wiser
  4. Dr. Eric Lean
  5. PA-C Erica Krol
  6. PA-C Haley Crites

5. Billing, insurance, medical records

  1. For billing or insurance questions
  2. Request copies of medical records or lab results

6. Calling from an external medical office to speak with a clinician