ADHD Evaluation and Treatment

Students at Western Michigan University may have trouble focusing, getting organized or completing work at times of increased stress. There are many other factors that may also contribute to these issues including but not limited to substance abuse, depression, anxiety or other medical conditions. Please read the procedure below carefully. Questions may be sent to us using the contact form and choosing "medical concern" as the subject.

To receive Treatment for ADHD at Sindecuse Health Center

The following requirements are considered standard of care at Sindecuse Health Center for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder treatment. These requirements must be met to continue evaluation or treatment for ADHD while in our care.

  1. If a previous diagnosis has been made by another provider, arrange to have medical records supporting an ADHD diagnosis sent to Sindecuse Health Center, or bring them to your first appointment. Thorough medical records are required and must include psychiatric and/or primary care evaluation/treatment with psychological testing. Until the following requirements have been fulfilled, Sindecuse providers will not prescribe refills on ADHD medications given by providers outside of our health center. Instructions for medical records transfer and a release of information form are found on our Medical Records page.
  2. Schedule a nursing appointment to begin the process of completing paperwork including testing questionnaires, to schedule a lab test and an initial primary care provider visit.
  3. The nurse will order a lab test. A negative drug screen must be provided to continue further evaluation and testing for ADHD symptoms. If the screen is positive, you may be asked to provide two subsequent negative screens and see a counselor regarding substance use. An exception may be granted to patients who hold a medical marijuana card.
  4. Meet with a primary care provider who will review your questionnaires, talk with you about your symptoms and any other medical conditions that may be contributing to your presenting problems.
  5. Meet with a psychologist when the PCP decides your areas of concern require further evaluation and has referred you for psychological testing. It is your responsibility to learn whether your insurance benefits cover psychological testing prior to the scheduled appointment.
  6. After discussion with the psychologist, you may be referred to a psychiatrist for further evaluation of medication considerations.
  7. You will be scheduled for a follow up appointment with a PCP who will review the results of the psychologist testing and prescribe any medications indicated.
  8. Yearly drug screens must be completed and random ones may be scheduled in order for Sindecuse providers to continue prescribing ADHD medication.

Prescription Medications at Sindecuse        

Phoned-in or electronic prescriptions are not allowed for schedule II controlled substances, so a patient must schedule an office visit to receive refills. Plan in advance to make appointments for uninterrupted care and prescription supplies.

Sindecuse Pharmacy fills written orders from outside providers for 30-day supplies of ADHD medications.

Plan Ahead

Students are encouraged to begin this transition well in advance of arriving at WMU since there are often a large number of requests to process.