Sindecuse Health Center bills insurance companies for services rendered when a patient has insurance. Based on their insurance plan, patients may be responsible for copays, deductibles, coinsurance or non-covered services received.

We also accept payments for services without billing to an insurance company. Some visitors may choose to pay out-of-pocket if their insurance does not participate with the health center.

These are the fee ranges (in U.S. dollars)  for some common visits at WMU’s health center:

Primary care $79-140.
Mental health, including psychiatry 90-236.
Chiropractic care 40-145.
Sports medicine, including physical therapy, orthopedic specialists 80-210.
Laboratory services (performed in house)* 5-60.
Physical exam 128-190.
Physical exam (brief, sport participation) 35.
Massage therapy (1 hour)   70.
Immunization: flu 50.
Immunization: flu (high dose) 90.
Immunization: shingles (Shingrix) 184. 
Immunization: tetatnus 184. 
Therapeutic injection service 24-45.
Tuberculosis testing (QFG) 50-100.
Pharmacy charges vary by medication, and the price may fluctuate over time $ –  $$$.
Counseling services provided to WMU students  No charge.

When in doubt, contact your insurance company to learn about your coverage. If you have questions about the charges you’re responsible for at the health center, call us (269) 387-4219.
These fees may change without notice. Please call for current fees.

*Many lab tests are sent to a reference lab. Patients will receive an invoice from the reference lab for these tests, separate from their charges at the health center.

Updated Feb. 25, 2020