Assistance Animal

Documentation may be provided for emotional support animals when it is clinically necessary for established clients/patients. Some things to keep in mind when considering these requests:

  • WMU has an Animals on Campus Policy governing assistance animals and ESAs.
  • Providing documentation is taken very seriously and is part of a comprehensive treatment plan with an established provider.
  • An established provider is defined as a provider that has been working with a client/patient for a minimum of three months.
  • We are not able to provide this documentation during an initial Counseling or Primary Care appointment and encourage you to discuss this with your established provider.
  • We are unable to provide documentation for ESAs for housing or travel purposes unless it is clinically necessary for an established client/patient.
  • Decisions about providing documentation are guided by ethical and professional standards and are at the discretion of the provider.

Sindecuse Health Center and Counseling Services providers do not make the determination on whether an ESA request is approved for on-campus housing. Disability Services for Students determines and coordinates all accommodations on campus for students through an interactive process. Please visit the DSS website for further information regarding DSS policies.