Group Counseling

Group counseling is a type of therapy in which several students meet with a trained therapist(s), often focusing on a common goal. Members learn from others' experiences, receive and give feedback, receive support and learn that they are not alone. Groups offer individuals the opportunity to share personal concerns in a safe, confidential and supportive environment. Research shows it to be as effective as individual counseling, and for some issues, it can be more effective. Students can benefit from group therapy in many ways:

  • Connect with others facing similar issues
  • Learn and practice new skills in a safe space
  • Share experiences and gain perspective from talking with others
  • Improve self-awareness, self-confidence and social skills
  • Enhance acceptance of self and others

Counseling Services at Sindecuse Health Center offers several groups open to current Western Michigan University students. Most groups meet weekly and are open to new participants. Call Counseling Services at (269) 387-1850 if you are interested in participating. You may have a brief pre-screening appointment with a counselor prior to participation in groups that are not drop-in.

Groups offered Fall 2022

Please call (269) 387-1850 to see if a group is active. If participation is low, a group may not continue to the end of the semester.  Groups start the week of Oct. 3.

Connecting on the Continuum

Wednesdays 2–3:30 p.m. Open A space for all queer and LBGTQA+ individuals to come as who they are and gain support on issues of personal relevance.
Facilitators: Abbie Andrzejak, LMSW and Vanessa Marr, Ph.D., LLMSW

Mindful Meditation

Fridays 1011:30 a.m.  Open An experiential mindfulness / meditation group.
Facilitators: Grace Orlando, LMSW and Kim Berning, LMSW

Courage Over Comfort: Empowering Women to Rise

Wednesdays 23:30 p.m.  Open Please join us as we explore our strength, courage, and power in a society that tells us we are only as good as other people tell us we are.
Facilitators: Grace Orlando, LMSW and Melissa Plair, MA, LPC

When Parents Have Problems

Tuesdays 1011:30 a.m. Open For students struggling with mentally ill and/or addicted parent(s).
Facilitators: Abbie Andrzejak, LMSW and Patrick Hanlin, M.Ed, LPC

Women of Color

Fridays 23:30 p.m. Open All women who identify as a visible minority are invited to join this support group.  Participants will explore the intersection of race, gender, orientation, socioeconomic status, and relationships in a safe and supportive environment.
Facilitators: Danielle Standish, Ph.D., Melissa M. Plair, MA, LPC

WTF: Emotional Survival Skills

Fridays 10–11:30 a.m. Open Emotional skills crash course. Learn emotional regulation, stress management, and interpersonal relationship skills in a supportive environment.
Facilitator: Patrick Hanlin, M.Ed, LPC