Eligibility and Payment

All students enrolled at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo College and Kalamazoo Valley Community College are eligible to receive health care services by appointment at Sindecuse Health Center. In addition, spouses of WMU students and their children 12 years of age or older may access our many professional services. Campus visitors and camp participants are also welcome for acute care needs.

All Western Michigan University employees, spouses and dependents 12 years and older are eligible to use our services by appointment for acute care and preventative visits, regardless of eligibility status for other University employee benefits. Faculty and staff are expected to have a primary care provider to whom results can be sent. In addition, they may use our comprehensive pharmacy, sports medicine and physical therapy services. All services are offered on a fee-for-service basis.  KVCC and Kalamazoo College employees are offered eligibility for services as well.

Western Michigan University students enrolled in five or more non-exempt credit hours for fall or spring semesters (four or more credits during summer I or summer II sessions) are automatically assessed a health center operations fee as part of the University's enrollment fee.

WMU School of Medicine students who elect to use Sindecuse Health Center services are charged an annual access fee. Their eligible dependents 12 years of age or older may buy-in on their first professional visit to the health center or may choose to pay non-member rates. WMU School of Medicine students are not eligible for counseling services.

Western Michigan University students enrolled for fewer credit hours; former WMU students within one year of last semester attended; students and employees from Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo Valley Community College may buy-in on their first visit to the health center each semester or summer session. Health care coverage runs from the first day of classes of one semester or session to the first day of classes the following semester or session.

Please call (269) 387-3287 for information about buy-in fees.


  • WMU employees and their dependents covered by University insurance (PPO Group #007005281) will have charges billed to Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Employees will receive an explanation of benefits from BCBS after a visit to the health center. Blue Care Network HMO only participates with Pharmacy services at Sindecuse Health Center.
  • Dependents with insurance coverage other than the University plan may also use the health center. Insurance carriers will be courtesy billed. It is the responsibility of the patient to pay for any balance due.
  • Charges for Medicare-covered retirees will be submitted directly to Medicare. Please bring your card with you.
  • We submit charges to insurance companies within the United States. Call (269) 387-4219 to learn if the health center will bill a specific carrier for you.


The health center accepts cash, check, payment card (MasterCard, Visa, and Discover) including payment by mobile phone apps. Charges may also be applied to University accounts for students and retirees. Fees of less than $1 cannot be charged to University accounts and must be paid at time of service. If a University account is in a "hold" status, the health center will not be able to put charges to an account. Payment will be expected at time of service in that case.