Physical Exams

Gender-specific Physical Exams

Sindecuse Health Center at Western Michigan University offers gender-specific physical exams by appointment.

The annual female exam may include breast exam, pap smear, Sexually-transmitted infection testing and other screening tests based on age-specific recommendations and health risks.

The male preventive physical exam may include testicular exam, STI testing and other screening studies recommended by age category and health risks.

These appointments may be scheduled online at the patient portal.

Sport Physicals for Young Athletes

Sindecuse Health Center offers convenient pre-sport physicals for your sons and daughters age 12 and older as they get ready to play or tryout for their school team. For WMU employees with dependents on the Blue Cross PPO plan, it's a no-cost service offered all year round. For employees covered by other insurances, these low cost visits are described on our fees page.

Call (269) 387-3287 to schedule this appointment type.