Text Message Reminder

photo of text message reminder on cell phoneIf you have a mobile phone capable of receiving text messages, you can sign up to receive a reminder approximately one hour before your scheduled appointment. The message will say "You have an appointment at Sindecuse Health Center at 'X:xx'pm. Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in".

Reminders are only for scheduled appointments. Text messages won't notify about waiting prescriptions or lab results.

To activate the service

  • Visit the health center and ask a registration staff member to set up text messaging for you


  • Login to HealthManager and click on the 'Profile' tab
  • Click 'edit' to the right of the value to change, in this case "mobile phone " and "mobile phone carrier"
  • Enter your mobile number and choose your mobile carrier from the pull down menu
  • Click 'Save'

To deactivate the service

  • Login to HealthManager and click on the 'Profile' tab
  • Remove a carrier name from the form by selecting 'no carrier', and save.