Sports Medicine is for Everyone

photo of equipment at sports medicine clinic

You do not have to be an athlete, nor does your injury or condition have to be sports-related to be seen at the Western Michigan University Sports Medicine Clinic. We work with competitive athletes and weekend warriors, but patients come to us from a wide range of physical activity levels.

Sports medicine refers to the type of treatment philosophy we employ rather than the type of individual we treat.

Sports medicine evolved as a medical specialty from the need athletes had to rehabilitate injuries quickly and get back into action as soon as possible. Athletes treated with a sports medicine approach were returning to vigorous levels of competition much sooner than non-athlete patients treated with traditional approaches were able to return to everyday, non-competitive activities.

Today, we employ this treatment philosophy with all our patients—whether their goal is to run a 5K, go up a flight of stairs, or to lift an 8-month-old child. We work with other providers, including the clinical staff, lab and x-ray technicians, and pharmacists at Sindecuse Health Center to quickly and safely return you to your activities.