Tuberculosis Testing

QuantiFERON TB testing is done at Sindecuse Health Center by appointment. Call (269) 387-3287 to schedule an appointment.

International student TB testing requirement

To comply with guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College Health Association, Western Michigan University requires international students from high-risk countries to submit results in English of a TB test prior to the start of classes.

Many international students received BCG vaccine, which reduced their TB risk as children. However, BCG vaccine effectiveness declines with time. A TB test is still required for those who have previously received BCG.

Some students are exempt

Students are exempt from this requirement if they were were born in a country with a low rate of tuberculosis. These countries are listed on a page included in the package of forms for international students.

Get tested, send your results to us

If you were not born in one of the countries listed; have lived in or traveled to a country with a high rate of TB; or have had close contact with anyone who has had active TB you are required to have a Mantoux skin test or QuantiFERON TB Gold test administered in the three months prior to arriving at WMU.

If your TB test is negative or non-reactive when read by your medical provider:

  • Send us your results (in English).

If your TB test is positive or reactive when read by your medical provider, you must:

  • Obtain a chest x-ray from your medical provider (or at Sindecuse Health Center) and submit your test results in English. Do not send your x-ray film.
  • If the chest X-ray is normal and you have no symptoms of active TB, you have inactive, latent TB.
  • If you have an abnormal chest X-ray or symptoms of active TB, you may be required to have additional tests.
  • Send us your results (in English).

Test results must include your name, date of birth, WMU ID number (WIN) and the name, address and phone number of your provider. Send results in English to
Sindecuse Health Center
Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo MI USA 49008-5445
fax: (269) 387-4494

If you have TB infection

Most people diagnosed with TB infection have inactive, latent TB, which cannot be transmitted and does not cause symptoms. Treatment with antibiotics is recommended in order to prevent active TB. Students can attend school normally. Active TB can be transmitted and is very serious, possibly causing permanent damage and even death. It is curable with appropriate medicine, and treatment with antibiotics is required. Students will not be allowed to attend school until you have a release from your medical provider.

Having TB will not affect a student's status. Western Michigan University must report cases of active TB (not latent TB) to the Kalamazoo County Health Department for investigation of possible transmission to others. Otherwise, health records at WMU are confidential and cannot be released without patient consent.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention web site to learn more.