Alcohol and Substance Abuse

You should seek substance abuse counseling if:

  • You have chronic hangovers, difficulty studying, or otherwise question your relationship to alcohol or drugs
  • Someone who cares has expressed concern about your use of drugs or alcohol
  • You frequently use drugs or alcohol to a state of intoxication
  • You experience a blackout (a temporary loss of memory), due to the use of alcohol
  • You resist hearing or learning anything about the negative effects of drugs or alcohol
  • You come into conflict with the law, or sustain bodily injury as a consequence of intoxication
  • You were raised in a family where problem drinking or alcoholism was present
  • You have friends or loved ones whose use of mood-altering substances is a concern to you

If any of these or other negative consequences of substance abuse are present, it makes good sense to seek evaluation and help.

On campus

Counseling Services
Sindecuse Health Center
Western Michigan University
(269) 387-1850
Offers counseling for students (self-referred)

Behavioral Health Services (formerly University Substance Abuse Clinic)
WMU Unified Clinics
1000 Oakland Drive, third floor
(269) 387-8230
Offers written and formal evaluations for MIPs, DUIs, OUIs (court ordered)

Off campus

Elizabeth Upjohn Community Healing Center
2615 Stadium Drive
(269) 343-1651

Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
Substance Abuse Coordinating Agency
3299 Gull Road, Nazareth Campus
(269) 553-8150

Kalamazoo Probation Enhancement Program
519 S. Park St.
(269) 383-0450

Kalamazoo Psychology
122 W. South St.
(269) 349-4219

Mid-American Psychological Services
8036 Moorsbridge Road, Portage
(269) 327-1438

New Directions Counseling
Ronald Grant
5380 Holiday Terrace
(269) 372-0961

Pine Rest – Kalamazoo Clinic
1530 Nichols Road
(269) 343-6700

Alcohol decision making and awareness

Kalamazoo Psychology 
(269) 349-4219

Kalamazoo Probation Enhancement Program
(269) 383-0444

MAPS (formerly Gateway)
(269) 382-9820

On-campus Alcoholics Anonymous meetings
24-hour answering service: (269) 349-4410
Meeting times subject to change. 



Alcoholics Anonymous