Seita Scholars

The Seita Scholars Program currently supports up to 150 scholars. Students who are considered active Seita Scholars have been accepted and notified of their acceptance into the Seita Scholars Program, signed their Seita Scholars Program Agreement, are maintaining the requirements of the agreement and are currently attending Western Michigan University as full-time, undergraduate students.

Current Seita Scholars are encouraged to use this website as a resource to access important information about winter and summer gap housing, find important forms that they may need, stay up to date about program information, and available student employment positions.

Through social events, workshops, employment, speaking engagements, registered student organizations, and specific identity groups, Seita Scholars have a range of opportunities to engage in the community during their time at WMU and in the Seita Scholars Program. Some of these opportunities include:

The Fantastic Five

  • Engaging Men Initiative: The Engaging Men Initiative is for Seita Scholars who identify as male. Students can contact Tim Liggins for more information.
  • Lady Butterflies: The Lady Butterflies is for Seita Scholars who identify as female. Students can contact Keyla Whitaker for more information.
  • Seita Scholars SAFE: Seita Scholars SAFE is for scholars who identify in the LGBTQA spectrum, and provides students with a safe space to talk about the experiences of being LGBTQA on or off campus or growing up in a foster-care setting. This group provides an opportunity for students in the Seita Scholars Program to gain a sense of identity, inclusion, and community while in the program and support other scholars in similar situations. Students can contact Edward Lara for more information. 
  • Parents' Future: The Parents' Future is for scholars who identifies as a parent or expecting parent.  This group is needed to provide a support system for the individual scholars who are parents by way of parent workshops or fun activities that they can participate in with their children. Students can contact LaToya McCants for more information.
  • Foster Youth in Higher Education: Seita Scholars have the opportunity to participate in a registered student organization specifically created for alumni of foster care. The group, which is led by Seita Scholars, organizes events, creates a monthly student newsletter and more.

Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative

Local meetings of the Kalamazoo MYOI are held in the Bernhard Center every first Thursday of the month from 4:30-6:30 p.m.  Students can contact LaToya McCants for more information or visit the Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative website