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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Western Michigan University serves as the interface between the Southwest Michigan community and the Institute, offering program advice and recommendations to the Associate Provost for WMUx.

    • Thomas Dietz
      Co-chair, Curriculum Committee
    • Maxine Gilling
      Co-chair, Curriculum Committee
    • John Geisler
      Representative of the Emeriti Council
    • Mary Gustas
    • Diana Hernández
    • Sonya Bernard Hollins
    • Carol Hodges
    • Monica Tory
    • Robert Miller
      Assoc. VP Community Outreach, WMU (retired)
    • Randall Schau
      Chair, Advisory Board and Marketing Committee
    • Carole Smith
      Co-chair, Travel Committee
    • Molly Williams
      Chair, Assessment and Evaluation
    • Ramona Lewis
    • Regena Fails Nelson
    • Judy Sivak
      Co-chair, Marketing and Membership Committee and Secretary, Advisory Board
    • Tom Vance
      Chair, Development Committee
    • Sharon Wade
      Chair, Events Committee
    • Martha Warfield
      Vice Chair, Advisory Board
    • Earlie Washington
    • Marla Jackson Williams

WMU Ex-Officio Members

Office of the Associate Provost, WMUx

    • Edwin Martini
      Associate Provost, WMUx
    • Traci Hansen
      Business Manager, WMUx
    • Toni Woolfork-Barnes
      Director, OLLI at WMU
    • Joyce Dekau
      Program Coordinator, OLLI at WMU