Become an Instructor

People become instructors for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Western Michigan University for a number of reasons. Perhaps they were once teachers or professors and miss being in front of the classroom. Or maybe they have had an interesting career or family life and want to share some of what they know with the community. Whatever the reason, the Institute is always interested in new instructors bringing new learning opportunities.

To become an instructor, simply fill out the online Course Proposal Form below. The form requires information about you, about the content of the course you'd like to teach, and operational details about the course (recommended class size, location, room requirements, etc.). If you have any questions, contact the Institute.

Proposal Submission Deadlines:

  • April 1 for Fall semester (September - November)

  • Sept. 1 for Winter/Spring semester (February - April)

  • Feb. 1 for Summer semester (June - July)


Course Proposal Form questions include:

  • Contact Information (Name, address, phone, email)
  • An instructor bio (limit 75 words)
    • This will be used in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute catalog to introduce you to our members. Please include educational background, teaching experience, special training or qualifications in the subject area to be taught
  • Your semester preference (please note the deadlines for submission)
  • A proposed course title (please make it as catchy and imaginative as possible)
  • A detailed course description (limit 100 words)
    • This will also be used in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute catalog. Please include what a participant may expect from the course experience
  • Whether you will be having a guest speaker
  • Any handouts you may anticipate using (please note the maximum of 150 pages)
  • Your recommended class size with a minimum and maximum capacity number
  • Your room set-up preference
    • Classroom needs
    • Online 
  • Any and all technology needs
  • Your schedule preference (days, times number of sessions and any dates you would prefer, something different than one session per week)
  • Whether you will need a parking permit

Note: The form must be completely filled out before you submit, and you cannot save a partially completed form for later use. Please review the form before you begin to fill it out to ensure that you have all appropriate information at hand.

Click the button below to download the Instructor Handbook.

Instructor handbook