The Western Michigan University Paper Technology Foundation was established to support students desiring a career in the pulp, paper and allied industries with scholarships. The endowments held by the Paper Technology Foundation have been made possible by the generous donations from both paper engineering alumni and friends, and the paper industry to attract, refine and retain students in the paper engineering programs at Western Michigan University. Many paper engineering alumni have personally benefited from Paper Technology Foundation scholarships and a successful career. Therefore, they wish to give back to allow more students the opportunity to enter a rewarding industry.  

All resources of the Paper Technology Foundation are dedicated to attracting students and preparing them well for contribution to the industry. Demand for paper engineers continues to remain high. The paper industry and allied companies make this very clear by annual participation and contributions in the way of money and equipment donations, mentoring, sponsorship of industry field trips, and by actively recruiting our students for employment starting during the freshmen year of study. The level of support our students receive is remarkable and unique and only made possible by the outstanding contributions of thousands of members of our WMU paper engineering family.