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The Western Michigan University Paper Technology Foundation was established in 1958 to support students desiring a career in the pulp, paper, and allied industries. All Paper Technology Foundation resources (scholarships, mentoring, development, and industry exposure) are dedicated to preparing students for contributing to the industry. Demand for paper engineers continues to outpace available talent. The PTF student support received is remarkable and unique, and made possible by the outstanding contributions of thousands of members of our WMU paper engineering family.

Western Michigan University's Paper Technology Foundation is pleased to award generous merit-based scholarships to incoming paper engineering students. 

  • First-Year Scholarships

    First-Year Student Paper Technology Foundation Scholarships

    Paper Technology Foundation (PTF) scholarships are awarded to domestic, first-year students based on their GPA* at the time they are admitted to WMU and are offered over a five-year period. PTF scholarships can be stacked with other WMU merit-based scholarships

    GPA*Scholarship Amount
    3.85 $20,000 ($4,000 per year)
    3.60 $18,000 ($3,600 per year)
    3.30 $14,000 ($2,800 per year)
    3.00 $12,000 ($2,400 per year)

    Deadline & Application Materials

    • A complete WMU admission application file† is due by the annual application deadline of June 1. Information in the admission application file will be used to determine eligibility during the scholarship selection process. No additional materials or applications are required to be considered.
    • Students must list paper engineering as their intended academic major on their application to WMU in order to be considered for PTF scholarships.


    • PTF scholarships are offered over five years (on average, students graduate in five years for a 135-credit hour program.) Year five scholarship funds are offered only if a co-op experience is completed. Please note that merit scholarships offered by the WMU Office of Admissions are awarded over a four-year period.
    • PTF requires enrollment in Paper 1000 (Intro to Pulp and Paper Manufacture) for the $1000 first-year fall semester award. 
    • *PTF scholarships are awarded based on the transcript GPA at the time of admission to WMU. GPA requirements are based on a 4.00 scale. Transcript GPAs that are not on a 4.00 scale will be recalculated accordingly. 
    • †A complete admission application file includes: application (Common App including WMU supplement), official high school transcripts and $40 application fee or fee waiver. Students who wish for an ACT/SAT score to be considered in review must self-report their score on the admission app.
    • Western Michigan University Paper Technology Foundation scholarships are awarded on a funds available basis.
  • Non-resident Scholarship

    PTF offers an additional scholarship to non-residents that offsets difference between resident and non-resident tuition for the first year of enrollment. Currently, the scholarship is valued at $2,000 and would be awarded in addition to the GPA-based scholarships outlined above. 

  • Transfer Student Scholarships

    Transfer students will be awarded PTF scholarships on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please reach out to Jen Johnson at

  • Return on Investment

    Graduating from Western Michigan University’s Paper Engineering program is an investment that will payback for a lifetime. Upon graduation from the program, you will have 100 % job placement with an average starting salary of $80,000. You will develop the personal and professional skills and knowledge you need to prepare for a successful future through the combination of a world-class curriculum, the practical experience gained through co-ops and internships, and the lifelong connections made possible by our paper family.

    Below is an example of funding available to an incoming Paper Engineering Student

    $16,000 WMU Admissions Scholarship*
    $20,000PTF Scholarship*
    $54,000Co-Op/Internship Earnings**
     $90,000 Total Funding


    *Based on 3.85 GPA and annual program averages
    **An average student completes 1 co-op and 2 internships. The earnings do not include overtime, bonuses, or housing support.

Academic years 2021-22 and earlier

The following information pertains to Western Michigan University students who were enrolled for the academic years 2014-15 through 2021-22

Years 2014-15 through 2021-22