Designated Fund 23 and 24 Transfer Policy

Funds with no Limitations, Stipulations, or Donor Restrictions

Designated dollars in fund 23 or gifts in fund 24 that have no limitations or stipulations placed on them by external agencies or donors may be used to support general fund operations. Expenses can either be paid directly from the designated department/cost center or transferred as support to a general fund operation to offset an operating deficit.

Funds with Limitations, Stipulations, or Donor Restrictions

For designated dollars in fund 23 or gifts in fund 24 received by the University for a specific purpose or gifts that have donor restrictions, expenses related to those activities should be paid directly out of the designated department/cost center. Specific examples might be guest lecturers, travel abroad, or training where the funds were designated for some specific intent on behalf of the donor.

Transfers from the General Fund (fund 11) to the Designated fund (fund 23 and 24) departments/cost center are not allowed unless otherwise approved on an exception basis.

Adopted by Accounting Services, University Budgets, Office of Development 11/29/2010

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