Western's Future Focus

It is an exciting time to be at Western Michigan University. In Western’s Future Focus, President Montgomery expresses his gratitude for the tenacious efforts of our faculty and staff over the last year and describes our future and how we’ll move forward together.  Each of us can contribute to an even stronger and more vibrant University that is responding to a changing world.

Part 1: Gratitude

Your strength is our strength. Faculty and staff have met unprecedented challenge with unflinching courage and commitment. As we look to our future, we begin with gratitude. Who in our community has made you feel grateful?

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Part 2: Our Shared Purpose

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President Montgomery discusses how we're rethinking "smart." It's not just academic success but knowing your why and living a healthy and well-rounded life. Who in our community best exemplifies "smart?"

Part 3: Our Strategies Serve Our Students

Told from the perspective of a student, President Montgomery aims to paint a clear picture of how our strategic activities contribute to strengthening our ability to advance knowledge, serve our students and prepare them to succeed in a changing world.

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Part 4: Our Boundless Promise

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President Montgomery looks to the University's bright future ahead, knowing that having clear direction, demonstrated progress and support from faculty and staff will bring success.