President's Cabinet Meetings

The President's Cabinet is committed to building personal relationships with employees to foster a sense of appreciation, value and support; improve transparency and communications; and build trust. At a regular cadence, the Cabinet will visit with faculty and staff during college and administrative division visits. The visits will include a meet and greet paired with an opportunity for cabinet members to hear from the college or division about its accomplishments and aspirations.

Dr. Candy McCorkle at a Cabinet thank you event.

March 21, 2023
—College of Education and Human Development, Sangren Hall

April 18, 2023—College of Aviation, Battle Creek 

May 16, 2023—Intercollegiate Athletics, Seelye Center 

June 13, 2023—Office of Business and Finance

Aug. 8, 2023—Division of Student Affairs

Sept. 5, 2023—College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Oct. 3, 2023—College of Fine Arts

Oct. 31, 2023—Haworth College of Business

Nov. 28, 2023—College of Arts and Sciences

February 6, 2024—President's Cabinet

February 20, 2024—President's Cabinet

March 19, 2024—College of Health and Human Services

April 2, 2024—President's Cabinet

April 16, 2024—President's Cabinet    


  • 2019-20 meetings

    Feb. 24, 2020—College of Health and Human Services

    Feb. 17, 2020—College of Arts and Sciences, Wood Hall, Rood Hall and Chemistry Building

    Jan. 27, 2020—College of Arts and Sciences, University Center for the Humanities, Friedmann Hall, Moore Hall and Brown Hall

    Jan. 13, 2020— Haworth College of Business, Schneider Hall

    Dec. 9, 2019— College of Fine Arts, Richmond Center for the Visual Arts and Dalton Recital Hall

    Nov. 25, 2019—Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Woodlawn Place and Ellsworth Hall

    Nov. 4, 2019—College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Parkview Room, Floyd Hall