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Taking action to dismantle the structural and cultural barriers that stand in the way of "so that all may learn" requires us to be a responsive university that actively prepares for the future ahead. WMU is committed to improving access to learning opportunities by fostering a supportive University environment and culture while providing a relevant education with a robust return on investment. This means cultivating a student-centered growth mindset that is focused on developing 21st-century transferable knowledge, skills and aspirations. In turn, our students are equipped to make a positive impact on the world as well-rounded, global citizens.

Western's new Strategic Plan 2022-32 will cover a span of 10 years and is framed around seven key priority areas; Academic Excellence, Community Building, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Internationalization, Research and Creative Scholarship, Sustainability and Well-being. This plan serves as a guide for University strategic investment and decision making, while incorporating a 3-4-3-year plan evaluation structure that enables us to respond to changes in our environment and to evolve our process as milestones are reached.

Moving forward, University leadership will be responsible for using this Strategic Plan as a roadmap for implementing targeted initiatives to achieve these institutional goals within their own areas of influence. Meanwhile, our campus will begin to develop action plans that refine our strategies and metrics of success.

The future of WMU depends on the collaboration of our entire community and the shared commitment to build upon our strengths, seize our opportunities and pursue our aspirations.

The University strategic plan website will continue to provide progress updates throughout the implementation process. There you can learn more and discover how you can get involved.