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  • 850 Engagement Responses

  • Over 500 Listening Session Registrations

  • 14,859 Website Pageviews

Charting a course for the future – together. 

Throughout the 2021-22 academic year, every member of the Western Michigan University community will have the opportunity to help create our future – together – through the Strategic Planning process.

We’ve made incredible progress charting the course of Western’s future together since we began the Strategic Planning process in fall 2021 – and we couldn’t have done it without your help!

Over [500] members of our community made their voices heard by participating in 20+ key priority-focused listening sessions, town hall workshops, and student-focused surveys. Your invaluable ideas and suggestions were used to help develop the goals, objectives, illustrative strategies and metrics of success that provide structure for the Strategic Plan's seven key priority recommendations

In addition, Western’s new vision and mission statements, along with our first formalized values, were collaboratively drafted by integrating the feedback gathered during the fall and spring engagement sessions. Throughout summer 2022, these draft goals and objectives were discussed and reviewed in depth by members of the University’s Executive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee and Core Team, and the Provost.

As we begin the fall 2022 semester, our seven key priority Working Groups are currently reviewing and integrating committee feedback for their recommendations. Meanwhile, the Core Team is gathering information to frame the Strategic Plan’s structural components. Together, we are actively working on the development of a fully drafted Strategic Plan to present to campus in late fall 2022, with the refinement, integration, and alignment of the seven key priority recommendations occurring throughout the next several months. We will continue to provide updates and publish information about the Strategic Plan’s activities, outcomes, and progress on this page throughout the entirety of the planning process.

Developing a shared vision for the next ten years depends on the collaboration and participation of every member of our community, and we are thankful that our Broncos have enthusiastically risen to the challenge and embraced this charge! 

Charting the course for a thriving future requires a roadmap – and ours is the Strategic Plan.

Provost Executive Summary

This is a transformative moment for Western Michigan University, and it's time to rethink the limits we’ve put upon ourselves by deciding to defy the impossible.