Strategic Management Executive Council (SMEC)

Implementation Leadership

The purpose of the Strategic Management Executive Council (SMEC) is to provide leadership and oversight of the implementation of the Gold Standard 2020. The council will lead the communication of risk management and the pursuit of opportunities that impact the implementation of the Gold Standard 2020.  

SMEC's responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Monitor and advise University leadership of the progress being made in the implementation of the Gold Standard 2020 as a result of the Collaborative Risk/Opportunity Management (CRŌM) process;
  2. Recommend and take action as appropriate to assist in removing barriers to achieving high-priority initiatives;
  3. Design and appoint leadership for CRŌM Action Teams addressing identified CRŌM strategic priority areas;
  4. Receive CRŌM Action Team reports and advise University leadership on mitigation of strategic risks;
  5. Incorporate input from all university division strategic plan annual reports in support of University strategic priorities; and
  6. Conduct periodic evaluations of the Gold Standard 2020 and CRŌM progress to determine what resources are  needed to support recommended CRŌM actions or strategic initiatives.

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