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WMYou Employee Engagement Survey

As an employee of Western Michigan University, thank you for taking part in the 2022 Employee Engagement Survey in February and March. As we together provide our students with a high-quality educational experience, it's critical to foster an environment in which all employees are supported, engaged and respected for their work. Your perspective on how we can continue to advance and improve our workplace culture is appreciated and needed.


The Employee Engagement Survey Action Team is diligently diving into data collected on the survey conducted in the spring and continues to welcome input from the campus community on ways to improve campus culture. The team, appointed by University leadership and comprising stakeholder groups from across campus, is meeting throughout the summer to assess survey responses and identify themes that reflect employee views and feelings on workplace culture, support and engagement. A report of initial, high-level results of the survey, featuring the top and bottom responses from faculty and employee groups, was released in April. The results were compiled by ModernThink, an outside vendor contracted by the University to ensure confidentiality.

The action team has since received full survey results and is meeting throughout the summer, working diligently to analyze the data and provide perspective about potential growth points for the University. The team has formed subgroups to focus on the various themes represented in the survey questions and delve deeper into responses. 

The Employee Engagement Action Team will present its findings to the President's Cabinet in August to help guide leadership toward actionable steps to strengthen the Western community and address the needs of faculty and staff. 

Messages from President Montgomery

  • April 27, 2022

    Dear colleagues,

    Three years ago, we launched the WMYou Employee Engagement Survey to assess our workplace culture and help measure progress on the University's strategic goals. As a result, we committed to enhancing our collaboration, communication and engagement. From that substrate grew such activities as: establishing our telecommuting and anti-bullying policies, the cross-campus teamwork propelling the Racial Justice Advisory Committee and efforts addressing various needs within vice-presidential divisions. The President's Cabinet developed its Principles of Community among its other engagement survey-inspired actions.

    We also pledged in 2019 to regularly survey faculty and staff. Our commitment to doing so comes even amid an unprecedented period of challenge for employees and organizations impacted by a global health crisis, a steep recession and continued labor market upheaval. We also know that while morale isn't where any of us wants it to be, we will not waver in our efforts to advance change and improve our workplace culture. This survey is part of supporting those endeavors.

    The 2022 survey’s initial results are now in hand from our vendor, ModernThink, with the full results due to us in coming weeks. Thank you to those who took the survey, which had a response rate of 52%. These initial results report on the “Top 10” and “Bottom 10” responses of faculty and staff springing from the 60-plus prompts the survey featured, such as "The work I do is meaningful to me" and "There's a sense that we're all on the same team at this University." You can find results on the Employee Engagement Survey menu item on the Office of the President website.

    Next steps
    As the initial results reveal, we have positive sentiments and there are other areas where we have considerable work to do. As we demonstrated in 2019, we will translate survey results into concrete actions. Collaboration, communication and engagement will guide these efforts. For example, the Employee Engagement Survey Action Team of faculty and staff formed to launch the survey will collaborate with the President's Cabinet on the response. The team has generously agreed to work over the summer to analyze the full report when it's available and identify themes. At employee forums this fall, we will determine the actions to arise from the themes identified.

    But you don’t have to wait until then to provide feedback on how to improve our culture. You can submit your thoughts and ideas through a form on the Employee Engagement Survey webpage. You also can share ideas with me and cabinet members in formal and informal settings.

    As we work to advance change, let us move forward with positive intent and a bias for action. Working together, I am confident we will be successful in strengthening our community in service to providing our students with the high-quality educational experience they deserve.


    Edward Montgomery

  • Feb. 21, 2022

    Dear colleagues,

    As we work together to provide our students with a high-quality educational experience, it's also critical to foster an environment in which all employees are supported, engaged and respected for their work. To improve in those efforts, we need your perspective on how we can advance our workplace culture. Your voice matters.

    This is why we are once again conducting the WMYou Employee Engagement Survey. It continues the effort we began in 2019 with the first WMYou survey and delivers on a promise that leadership made to establish a regular cadence of surveys every few years. With that promise comes a commitment to listen to the results and to take action based on what was shared.

    The 2022 Employee Engagement Survey will remain open through the close of business on Monday, March 7. Later today, you will receive an email invitation to participate in the online survey from ModernThink, the independent company that will be collecting responses. Participation is confidential and responses will be recorded anonymously. Learn more about the survey.

    In 2019, the President’s Cabinet took on the task of reviewing and reporting the results. With this survey, results will be reviewed by a cross-campus group of individuals from many units and employee groups. This team of faculty and staff will share the findings with senior leadership and contribute to our understanding of ways for addressing the needs that are raised.   

    Thank you for your investment in advancing Western Michigan University. Join me in taking the survey—we need and look forward to your feedback.


    Edward Montgomery

Employee Engagement Survey Action Team

Bob Brady, senior human resources consultant, Human Resources

Cyntia Dawson, executive assistant, Haworth College of Business

Katie DeCamp, associate director, Valley Dining Center

Dr. Lisa Dechano-Cook, professor, Department of Geography, Environment and Tourism, Faculty Senate

Dr. Vun Doubblestein, associate director, Multicultural Affairs for Students

Brandi Engel, director of marketing and communications, College of Fine Arts

Thomas Fisher, doctoral student, president, TAU

Erin Flynn, news and communications specialist, Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications

Nick Griffith, manager of cash management and investments, Office of Business and Finance

LuMarie Guth, business librarian and associate professor, AAUP

Amber Hutson, administrative assistant II, Department of Psychology, vice president, PSSO

Jasmine LaBine, part-time instructor, School of Communication, president, PIO

Brianna McCann, program manager, Office for Sustainability

William McQuitty, institutional research analyst, Institutional Research, president, APA

Bryan Sutton, environmental control person, Facilities Management, president, AFSCME

Dr. Kahler Schuemann, chief of staff and secretary to the Board of Trustees

Courtney Arnold, executive assistant senior to the chief of staff and secretary to the Board of Trustees

Chris Voss, senior associate director of business operations, University Recreation