Global Engagement Award for Staff and Faculty

Annual Call for nominations

Due April 15

The Global Engagement Award Committee is seeking nominations for the University's Global Engagement Award. This award will be for contributions to the global engagement of the university and to its students, faculty and staff; to our knowledge and understanding of global affairs; and/or to communities and stakeholders locally or abroad.  

There will be two awards, one for faculty and one for staff.  

For faculty, contributions may be in the realm of teaching and other instructional activities, research and creative activities, service and/or outreach.  

For staff, contributions may be for activities that support and enhance the units’ global engagement. These activities can include supporting students studying abroad, department inclusion of international students, support for international visiting faculty, and/or support for faculty international engagement, among other activities. 

The award shall be for an accumulated record of global engagement, not one or two activities. A substantial portion of achievement will have been while in service at WMU.

Nature of the award

Up to two Global Engagement Awards will be made each year during the spring semester. Whenever two awards are made in any given year, one of the awards shall be given to a faculty member, and the other award shall be given to a member of the university staff. Each recipient receives a plaque at the spring convocation, and an honorarium.


All current, continuing full‐time faculty and administrative staff who have at least five years of service at the University are eligible. An individual can only receive the award once.

Nomination procedure

Nominations may be made by all current, continuing full‐time faculty and administrative staff.

The nominator should:

  1. Ensure nominee’s eligibility.
  2. Complete the nomination form.
  3. Write an overall letter of support for the nominee.
  4. Create a paper file that contains:
    1. The nomination form.
    2. The nominator’s letter of support.
    3. The nominee’s vita or resume emphasizing the nominee’s global engagement.
    4. Up to three letters of support (from both inside or outside the University).

Letters of support should emphasize the nature and scope of the nominee’s global engagement, making sure that they represent diverse viewpoints rather than simply collecting many letters that are similar.

The committee’s decision on award recipients will be made on the basis of the above materials only.

Nomination form   

Send nominations to:

Michelle Metro-Roland, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Scholarships and Faculty Development, International Student Advocate and Fulbright Program Advisor (FPA)
Haenicke Institute for Global Education
Western Michigan University
1901 W Michigan Ave
2425 Ellsworth Hall
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5245 USA
(269) 387-3908

Due date
Please submit the file by midnight on April 15*.

*Please note, if the 15th falls on a weekend, nominations will be accepted through the following Monday evening.

Past Awards

Spring 2022 award(s)

  • Dr. Gregory Veeck, professor of geography, environment and tourism

Spring 2020 award(s)

  • Dr. Chensheng He, professor of geography, environment and tourism

Spring 2019 award(s)

  • Dr. Sisay Asefa, professor of Economics
  • Dr. Jim Butterfield, professor of Political Science
  • Lauren Carney, director of Kalamazoo Promise Scholars Program

Spring 2018 award(s)

  • Dr. Jennifer Harrison, assistant professor in the School of Social Work
  • Barb Caras-Tomczak, coordinator of Student Support Services and academic advisor

Spring 2017 award(s)

  • Dr. Zahir Quraeshi, the G.W. Haworth chair of Global Business and director of the Global Business Center at the Haworth College of Business
  • Ann Ganz, study abroad specialist senior in WMU Study Abroad (retired)