Photo of Paulo Zagalo-Melo
Associate Provost
(269) 387-5890
Photo of Jin Abe
Japan Liaison Officer
Photo of Basel Alsaleh​
Saudi Arabia Liaison Officer
Photo of Ila Baker
Master Faculty Emerita
(269) 387-4813
Photo of Christie Bierlein
International Partnerships Manager
(269) 387-4803
Photo of Terri Bieszka
Master Faculty Specialist
(269) 387-4807
Photo of Megan Billedeaux
Global Learning Specialist
Program Coordinator of Asian Initiatives
(269) 387-3951
Photo of Kim Cho
International Admissions Counselor
(269) 387-5898
Photo of Joan Conway
Master Faculty Specialist
(269) 387-4886
Photo of Eva Copija
(269) 387-4804
Photo of Annette Cummins
Assistant Director Global Education and Business Manager
(269) 387-3873
Photo of Bob Dlouhy
Master Faculty Emeritus
(269) 387-4810
Photo of Anna Du
China Liaison Officer
Democratic Republic of the Congo Liaison Officer
Photo of Amanda Farias
Brazil Liaison Officer
+55 (81) 99565-1396
Photo of Dyanne Foskey
Master Faculty Specialist
(269) 387-4158
Photo of Jakob Fuhriman
Administrative Assistant II
(269) 387-5890
Photo of Raquel Garciacano
Coordinator of International Student and Scholar Services
(269) 387-3959
Photo of Brian Hills
Immigration Advisor
(269) 387-5878
Photo of Joshua Houtkooper
Coordinator of Immigration Records
Photo of Howard Huff
Study Abroad Specialist
(269) 387-4822
Photo of Caroline Huffman
Administrative Assistant Sr.
(269) 387-5890
Photo of Randall Janes
International Admissions Processor
(269) 387-3938
Photo of Metilda John
Malaysia Liaison Officer
Photo of Haley Jordan
International Partnerships Coordinator
(269) 387-3835
Photo of Anastassia Kaml
Study Abroad Specialist
(269) 387-3909
Photo of Rachel Konecny
Study Abroad Specialist
(269) 387-3857
Photo of Eden Latham
Global Engagement Program Specialist
Photo of Ian Magnuson
Interim Marketing Manager
(269) 387-5891
Photo of Thomas Marks
Master Faculty Emeritus
(269) 387-4800
Photo of Michelle Metro-Roland
Associate Director External Scholarships and Faculty Development, International Student Advocate
(269) 387-3908
Photo of Joseph Milostan
Director of Study Abroad & Faculty Enrichment
(269) 387-3907
Director of International Enrollment
(269) 387-5865
Photo of Deniss Nkya
Global Learning Specialist
(269) 387-5890
Photo of Tiedra Robertson
Insurance Coordinator
(269) 387-5804
Photo of Alison Sachse
Budget Analyst
(269) 387-5970
Photo of Wendy Schutz
Budget Analyst
(269) 387-3660
Photo of Tara Severino
Interim Senior Director of Immigration Compliance
(269) 387-5657
Photo of Heather Smith
International Admissions Counselor
(269) 387-5942
Photo of Alison Sprague
Associate Director of Study Abroad
(269) 387-3958
Photo of Svetlana Stone
Immigration Advisor
(269) 387-5876
Photo of John Sweeney
Marketing Specialist
(269) 387-3984
Photo of Yumi Takahashi-Ede
Interim Senior Director of International Enrollment
(269) 387-4102
Photo of Keegan Teichert
International Admissions Processor
(269) 387-5877
Photo of Anezka Viskova-Robertson
Assistant Manager for Global Learning
Photo of Steve J Yang
Korea Liaison Officer
(82+2) 569-5515
Photo of Michiko Yoshimoto
Japan Program Manager, Soga Japan Center
(269) 387-5874
Photo of Ying  Zeng
Director of Asian Initiatives
(269) 387-3840