Staff Compensation System 2021-2022 pay adjustment

Dear colleagues,

Today I’m pleased to inform you that as a Staff Compensation System employee, you will receive a 2%, across-the-board pay increase. This wage hike is retroactive to the first pay period of this fiscal year, beginning June 28 for hourly employees and July 1 for those on salary.   

When the Board of Trustees passed the 2021-22 general fund budget months ago, there were key financial elements yet outstanding that are now settled, including several collective bargaining agreements, fall enrollment and state funding for the year. With this greater budgetary clarity, we are able to make this pay adjustment. For salaried employees, the increase will be reflected in pay on Friday, Nov. 5, and for hourly paid employees on Tuesday, Nov. 9.

As we move forward through this academic year, we are guided by our mission to provide a transformative educational experience, advance the frontiers of knowledge and make the world better. I am grateful for your continued efforts and commitment to advancing Western Michigan University and this mission. These efforts are even more impressive given the variety of challenges imposed by the pandemic.  

Thank you,

Edward Montgomery