Take the WMYou Employee Engagement Survey

Dear colleagues,

As we work together to provide our students with a high-quality educational experience, it's also critical to foster an environment in which all employees are supported, engaged and respected for their work. To improve in those efforts, we need your perspective on how we can advance our workplace culture. Your voice matters.

This is why we are once again conducting the WMYou Employee Engagement Survey. It continues the effort we began in 2019 with the first WMYou survey and delivers on a promise that leadership made to establish a regular cadence of surveys every few years. With that promise comes a commitment to listen to the results and to take action based on what was shared.

The 2022 Employee Engagement Survey will remain open through the close of business on Monday, March 7. Later today, you will receive an email invitation to participate in the online survey from ModernThink, the independent company that will be collecting responses. Participation is confidential and responses will be recorded anonymously. Learn more about the survey.

In 2019, the President’s Cabinet took on the task of reviewing and reporting the results. With this survey, results will be reviewed by a cross-campus group of individuals from many units and employee groups. This team of faculty and staff will share the findings with senior leadership and contribute to our understanding of ways for addressing the needs that are raised.   

Thank you for your investment in advancing Western Michigan University. Join me in taking the survey—we need and look forward to your feedback.


Edward Montgomery