WMU WeVote Initiative

Fellow Broncos:

At Western Michigan University, our job is to promote student success and to better prepare students for thoughtful citizenship.

Some of the greatest change in America has come from the determined energy of our youth. Today, I’m calling on you to use that energy to register to vote in the Nov. 6 general election and make voting a lifelong commitment.

The right to vote is a powerful freedom, and our participation in elections is essential for a democratic society. My own experience has proven to me that voting matters, whether we are selecting a president, governor, school board member or a ballot initiative. Elections have consequences, so make sure your voice is heard. Go vote with your family, go vote with your friends. However you do it, just be sure to cast your vote.

Voter registration is available through Tuesday, Oct. 9, at the Bernhard Center. Additional information about voting is available from the WeVote Initiative website.

Voting in the upcoming election is not about one moment in time. This is about fulfilling our mission as a University to build a culture where voting matters. We have an opportunity to choose who represents us, and that should not be taken for granted.

Please register, learn more about the candidates and ballot initiatives, and then vote. The WMU community supports your engagement through voting.

At WMU, we will reign, but most of all, we will vote!

Ed Montgomery