Practica Information

All Western Michigan University psychology majors have the option to complete a three-credit practicum which provides students an opportunity to use their knowledge in an applied setting. You do not sign up for these through the normal registration process, you must apply for a practicum position, as described below. 

Practicum opportunities

Most practicum sites have limited openings. Students in the Department of Psychology interested in enrolling in a practicum experience should start the application process at least one semester prior to the semester in which you plan to enroll.

See the list of practicum opportunities here: 

Planning your experience

  1. Go through the practicum opportunities and select practica based on prerequisites and interest.
  2. See the undergraduate psychology advisor if you have general questions.
  3. Contact the faculty member listed in the "contact" line of the practica list.
  4. Contact the practicum site given to you by the faculty member.
  5. Fill out a PSY 3970 Permission to Elect form.
  6. Attend the interview for the practicum site if required and bring the permission to elect form.
  7. Complete any required background checks.
  8. Have the on-site supervisor at the practicum sign the permission to elect form.
  9. Have the faculty member sign the permission to elect form.
  10. The faculty member will email the completed permission to elect form with all signatures to the Department of Psychology administrative assistant.
  11. You will receive instructions on how to register for PSY 3970, PSY 1403, or PSY 3780. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully and check your schedule to make sure you have registered for the correct number of credits.
  12. A minimum of 135 hours or approximately 10 hours per week is required to complete a practicum.

Background check

According to state law if your selected practicum or research experience will put you into direct contact with any children under 18, you must have a Central Registry Check completed to screen your background for prior history of child abuse or neglect. Please contact the coordinator of the program or organization of the specific practicum site to submit the appropriate paperwork for the background check before completing the permission to elect form.

Practica evaluation to receive your grade

Complete the PSY 3970 student evaluation form and return to your faculty advisor by the final week of the semester or session.