Psi Chi

Psi Chi [sī kī ] in the Department of Psychology at Western Michigan University is the national honor society in psychology. Founded in 1929, Psi Chi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and an affiliate of the American Psychological Association and the American Psychological Society.

Purpose of Psi Chi

The purpose of Psi Chi is to encourage, stimulate and maintain excellence in scholarship as well as advance the science of psychology. Psi Chi provides academic recognition for its members and offers local chapters that host programs related to the science of psychology and provide fellowship and networking for Psi Chi members. At the national level, Psi Chi hosts national and regional conventions, sponsors research award competitions and publishes journals and newsletters.

Benefits of joining Psi Chi

  • Gain membership and recognition by a well-respected national organization.
  • Receive Psi Chi honor society regalia (e.g., honor cords) which can be worn at commencement ceremonies. You are also eligible to purchase additional Psi Chi materials (e.g., rings, mugs, medallions).
  • Access electronic copies of the journal, Eye on Psi Chi.
  • Network with psychology faculty, psychology graduate students, practitioners and other Psi Chi members.
  • Receive recognition and in some cases financial support for your research in psychology.
  • Submit your research for possible publication in the Psi Chi Journal of Psychology.
  • Participate in service projects sponsored by Psi Chi.
  • Attend educational and networking activities sponsored by your local Psi Chi chapter.
  • List Psi Chi membership on your or resume or curriculum vitae.

Membership requirements

  • The society is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are studying psychology as indicated by a declared psychology major or minor.
  • You must have completed three or more semesters of college courses.
  • You must have completed nine credit hours of psychology courses.
  • You must be ranked in top 35 percent of your class. At WMU this requires a 3.0 minimum.
  • High overall GPA and a 3.2 minimum psychology GPA.

How to apply

  1. Review fact sheet and directions.
  2. Complete online Psi Chi membership application.
  3. Submit a check or money order payable to WMU Psi Chi for a total of $80 (subject to change) to Dr. Lisa Baker in 3700 Wood Hall, WMU Department of Psychology. The $80 dues include a one-time national dues of $55 and one-time WMU chapter dues of $25.


Submit all application materials:

  • By Oct. 1 (or the first weekday after Oct. 1) for consideration for fall semester induction.
  • By March 1 (or the first weekday after March 1) for consideration for spring semester induction.

Notification and induction

You will be notified within 10 days of the above deadlines if you have been accepted for induction. Applicants who are accepted for Psi Chi membership will be invited to the next scheduled Psi Chi induction ceremony. If a review of your qualifications reveals that you do not qualify for induction, then your application and membership dues will be returned to you. You will be allowed to apply at a future date if your academic credentials change so that you meet the membership criteria.


If you have any questions, contact Dr. Lisa Baker, faculty advisor for the WMU Psi Chi chapter. Check out Psi Chi's Facebook page where you'll find updates and what is going on within the chapter.