Psychology Reopening Plan

The Department of Psychology at Western Michigan University has the health of our students at the forefront. To ensure their safety, the department, guided by CDC and University recommendations and requirements, has created a set of procedures and guidelines visitors are asked to follow after the emergency order has been lifted. All students and employees of WMU must complete the health survey through their GoWMU account before arriving to campus, must wear face coverings if medically possible, and maintain a distance of six feet apart. 

Reopening Plan

The department has two suites: the main suite located in 3700 Wood Hall and an additional suite located in 3500 Wood Hall. The 3500 suite will be closed to the general public and only accessible to faculty with an office located inside via swipe access. All business will be conducted through the 3700 suite through appointments on a limited basis. Foot traffic through both suites will be unidirectional. The main entrance door will be labeled as an entrance with the rear door labeled as the exit. Hallways within the suite will be one-way. 

We will be maintaining a physical presence on campus and will be "open" every Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Open is defined as having staff physically present in the office to assist students and faculty, to provide face coverings, answer questions, and the like. Although the 3700 suite will be open on Thursday's for walk-ins, the entrance door will be locked. A sign will be placed on the door that provides a phone number that a person wishing to enter can call to gain access and information about how to make in-person appointments. For the remainder of the week, the department will operate remotely or by appointment. Upon arrival, guests are asked to call the number listed on the door. If capacity allows, guests will be permitted to enter. If the lobby is at maximum capacity, guests will be asked to wait in the hallway until capacity allows. 

The sign will also indicate the process for entering the suite, which will be the following:

  • Individuals may enter the suite either by appointment or as a walk-in appointment if there are few enough people in the suite to allow for social distancing.
  • Individuals will call to announce their arrival.
  • The guest will be given clear instructions before the door is opened.
    • The door will be opened but held just shy of being closed, and then control of the handle will be transferred to the visitor while the staff member moves to an appropriate physical distance.
    • The visitor may then enter, and will be required to use hand sanitizer and wear a face covering if medically possible.
  • Once the guest has departed, the door handles (inside and out) will be cleaned with a disinfectant wipe.
  • The front office desk will have a Plexiglas panel on the counter to provide a barrier between the staff member and the guest. 

The sign on the door to suite 3700 will also provide information as to which other offices in Wood Hall on the third floor are open and when, phone numbers for those offices, emergency contact numbers, and the physical address of the building in case of an emergency. 


Faculty or graduate student instructor for the Department of Psychology may request prints for course work be made by office staff. Please send requests for printing within 24 hours of pick up using the print request form below. Be sure to attach all documents that are needed for printing in the request. After you have made the request, be sure to schedule an appointment for the main office in the next section below to pick up your material. Please note, the department will begin taking print requests on Tuesday, Sep. 1, 2020. 

Request Prints

Schedule an appointment

The Department of Psychology will be offering different types of in-person appointments in the 3700 Wood Hall suite for business that cannot be conducted remotely.

Copy Room

The first appointment option option is to schedule a 30 minute block to access the copy room. For those needing a larger block of time, a two back-to-back appointment can be created. Walk-ins will be held on Thursday from 9-4 p.m.

Appointment to Use Copier

Main Office

The second appointment option is to schedule a 15 minute block to visit the main office for general business such as pick up requested prints, mail, or supplies, drop off material for staff, faculty, or instructors, or for other department business. Walk-ins will be held on Thursday from 9-4 p.m.

Appointment to Visit Main Office

Undergraduate Advising

If students are interested in scheduling an appointment with the undergraduate advisor, they can do so by visiting the advisor's website.

Faculty or Instructors

Appointments, in-person or virtually, with faculty, staff, or instructors will need to be arranged with that individual directly.