Travel Authorization

The 9.2 PeopleSoft Financials upgrade provides new and improved features in the Travel Authorization module making it more user friendly and fluid to the user.

Travel Authorizations serve as written permission prior to travel for official university business. Travel Authorizations can only be submitted prior to the travel dates so remember to allow enough time for your travel authorization to work its way through all approval levels.

In PeopleSoft, travel authorizations are specific to a planned trip with defined start and end dates, business purpose as well as locations and the expenses you anticipate incurring during your trip. Once you submit the Travel Authorization, the system then allows your approvers to act upon the Travel Authorization. When the last approver has approved the Travel Authorization, you will receive an email notification indicating this. The status of your Travel Authorization should change from Submitted to Approved. Please send any inquiries related to the upgrade or navigation to Inquiry, Travel

Implementation announcements

  • Ensure travel authorizations are in an “approved” status by Friday, Oct. 13 prior to the upgrade implementation. Travel authorizations with a status of “pending” or “approval in process” will not convert over to the new 9.2 platform. These travel authorizations will have to be recreated in the new system.
  • Travel authorizations should not be started after Friday Oct. 13.
  • Authorizations not fully approved by Oct. 13 are not guaranteed to convert into upgraded 9.2 database and may require the traveler to input the travel authorization data again after the completion of the upgrade on Monday October, 23, 2017.
  • With the new upgrade, there has been a change to the workflow. The “Reviewer 1” role is no longer available. In lieu of the actual role, the following recommendations are being made that will hopefully provide the support and documentation required to monitor and correct general ledger combo codes as required. Please note the following information and suggestions:

    • A report has been created to display travel authorization data in an Excel spreadsheet format to allow for monitoring travel and for assisting in budget management.
    • Any employee currently in the Reviewer 1 role should ensure that all employees, for whom travel must be monitored, assigns delegate access to them to review and edit general ledger information as needed. Travelers could initiate or complete the travel event expense items in the system and save the authorization for the delegate to review and submit.
    • Another suggestion for consideration is for the Chairperson or Supervisor of the department to re-assign the workflow to the current employee who is responsible for the initial analysis and provide the Chair or Supervisor with the PDF copy to review prior to approving the authorization.

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Please check out the guide below for a quick glance at these new features now offered:

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