Joining the TRiO Student Success Program

TRiO Student Success Program comes with many great benefits and opportunities. All of our services are free to active program participants and are available until you graduate.

As a participant in TRiO SSP, you will:

  1. Become part of a community instantly.
    1. Attend Fall Welcome in a group of other incoming SSP students, led by an upper class SSP student.
    2. Be enrolled in FYE 2100: First-Year Seminar with fellow SSP students.
      1. FYE 2100 is a transition course for first-year students. This two-credit hour course gives first-year students a shared opportunity to successfully make the academic and social transition to university life. Seminar activities and programs are designed to prepare students for their first year at WMU.
    3. Be enrolled in UNIV 1030: How to Market Yourself with other SSP participants.
      1. UNIV 1030 provides opportunities for SSP students to learn educational and career decision making processes which benefits them immediately as well as in the future. This class focuses on gaining confidence and skills in networking, resume building and professional etiquette.
    4. Be invited to participate in unique events specific to SSP.
  2. Have easy access to advisors
    1. Build relationships with caring, knowledgeable staff.
    2. Receive holistic help, while learning to navigate and adjust to collegiate life.
    3. Explore graduate school options.
    4. Explore future career choices: Free Career Guidance Navigator available.
  3. Be able to register for classes early
    1. Receive priority registration and register before the majority of students on campus.
  4. Access learning workshops
    1. Engage in workshop opportunities to learn about a variety of topics, including scholarship access, graduate school options and financial literacy.
  5. Increase scholarship opportunities
    1. Receive the Pell grant in your financial aid package and gain eligibility for a TRiO SSP scholarship.
    2. Participate in campus activities to be eligible for the Spirit Award.
    3. Access to scholarship workshop to expand participants’ scholarship knowledge and opportunities.
  6. Have a space to work in
    1. Have access to the TRiO SSP Work Center to study in or relax in between classes.
    2. Be able to use a small computer lab equipped with color copier and free printing capabilities.
  7. Interact with peers through mentoring
    1. Develop new relationships and friends with SSP participants.
    2. Explore career options.
    3. Receive leadership training.
  8. Have paid employment opportunities
    1. Be able to apply for an Academic Mentor position in fall semesters, supporting incoming first-years.
    2. Be able to apply for a Program Mentor position in fall and spring semesters, promoting program events.
    3. Be able to apply for an SSP office aide, assisting with daily TRiO operations.
    4. Summer Ambassadors meet with eligible TRiO students during summer orientation to provide insight into the program.
  9. Develop leadership skills through employment and other opportunities
    1. Mentor and tutor other students.
    2. Plan co-curricular activities.
  10. Receive academic support
    1. Learn strategies to help master course content.
    2. Receive content tutoring for challenging classes.
    3. Receive referrals/resources about the on campus tutoring options not provided by TRiO SSP

TRiO Graduation Cords

Students who fulfill the graduation requirements of WMU and hold an "active" status in the TRiO program will receive a TRiO honor cord to wear during their graduation ceremony.