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    What is TRIO SSP?

    TRIO provides services to help students improve class performance and find the necessary resources (academic, financial, career, etc.) on campus and in the community so that they graduate and achieve their life goals.

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    Meet Our Staff

    The TRIO Student Success Program has a dedicated staff full of professionals and student mentors ready to help you in any way they can.

  • Discover TRIO

    Develop new relationships and friends with SSP participants, explore career options and receive leadership training.

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    Tools to Succeed

    TRIO offers a variety of tools and resources geared toward student success.

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The TRIO Student Success Program is a learning community funded by the U.S. Department of Education that helps first-generation, income eligible and students with disabilities complete their baccalaureate degrees. Since 1984, TRIO SSP has been a vibrant part of the Western Michigan University campus community. Providing students with services like learning opportunities, scholarships, and career prep, TRIO continuously works to help students succeed.

There's a new way to schedule appointments. 

Connect with your TRIO SSP Advisor through the Student Success Hub.

The Student Success Hub combines support services across campus into one online platform, giving Broncos the team and the tools they need to succeed.

You may also contact any TRIO SSP staff member directly:

  • Kimberly Johnson, Associate Director
  • Jonathan Davis, Academic Services Specialist
  • Matt Bracey, Program Services Specialist
  • Jill Parsons-St. John, Administrative Assistant II

Please call (269) 387-4440 or email ssp-info@wmich.edu

Apply for the TRIO SSP Scholarship!

Opens Monday, Nov. 6

Closing date: Wednesday, Dec. 6

  • Jonathan James and Jonathan Davis with the Big in the Community and Kalamazoo Promise logo

    Jonathan Davis on "Big in the Community"

    Jonathan was recently on the "Big in the Community" podcast with Jonathan James from the Kalamazoo Promise. The two Jonathans talked about WMU's TRIO SSP program.

    Check it out

Facts and figures

  • 2.99+ average cumulative GPA for TRIO students in 2018/19

  • 60+ first-time freshman register each fall semester

  • 98% cumulative credits passed for all TRIO students in 2018/19

  • Over 85% of first-year TRIO students return for a second year.

Merze Tate College

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    The TRIO Student Success Program is part of WMU's Merze Tate College.

    Merze Tate College exists to help our students envision the future, embrace their potential and discover their purpose. Like guideposts on a map, the offices and services within this college equip students with invaluable resources, skills, knowledge and connections that will help guide them on the path toward success. All explorers start somewhere—and that place is Merze Tate College.

    Start your journey

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  • Your success is our top priority and we will do our best to serve your needs.

  • Be smart. Be safe. Be Broncos.