TRIO SSP Scholarships

TRIO SSP scholarship deadline will be Friday, March 5, before midnight. For a full list of the requirements please click on the link below.


  • Enrolled as a full time student (12 or more credits)
  • Pell Grant recipient
  • Semester GPA of 2.00 or higher
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Must have completed the TRIO Needs Assessment (if you have not completed the assessment, please CLICK HERE)
  • Write a 2 to 3 page essay (click the link below to see more details about the essay) using the prompts below

Freshmen & Sophomore Prompt

How have you utilized your Gallup Top 5 Strengths during the COVID19 pandemic? What impact have your strengths had on your success or lack thereof this semester? How will you continue to use them in the next semester to be successful, or how will you change the way you use them to be more successful in the future?

Junior & Senior Prompt

How has the COVID19 pandemic redefined your vision for your future? In what ways have you used your Strengths to overcome the challenges caused by these changes? What system(s) have you implemented to ensure you remain on track with classes and career preparation prior to your upcoming graduation from WMU? What advice would you give to first and second year students about preparing for their future in this new normal?

TRIO SSP Scholarship

Note: Scholarship applications are accepted during the fall semester. If selected for the scholarship, funds will be dispersed to student accounts the following spring semester. 

Hardship request

This application is for students facing an extreme financial hardship. This could be anything from books for a class, to an emergency tuition balance. Hardships will be thoroughly investigated and researched and each applicate will be vetted. When filling out the application, please be as open, detailed, and honest as possible. This will greatly help in the application process.

TRIO SSP Hardship Scholarship 


There may be scholarships offered through your college. Please take a look at each colleges scholarship page.


The SERF (Student Emergency Relief Fund) is one time financial gift that is given to students experiencing urgent financial need. This fund is a part of the Invisible Need Project and is meant to alleviate some barriers a student may face. 

SERF Application

Eligible Expense Examples Ineligible Expense Examples
Fire/Flood Damage Monthly Bills (i.e. rent)
Repair/Replace Eyeglasses Tuition/Textbooks
Auto Repairs (non-accident) Auto Maintenance or Accident Repair
Laptop Repairs Tickets/Towing
Qualified Medical (i.e. dental) Food/Toiletries/Household Items



These scholarships are offered through Admissions to new incoming students, both transfer and beginners. If you are planning to come to WMU, you may want to take a second to go through these scholarships. 

 Incoming Freshman scholarships

incoming transfer scholarships

Additional EXTERNAL Scholarships

Below are a list of external scholarships that are available outside of just WMU students. If you have questions regarding scholarship links or applications, please reach out to TRIO staff.


Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans

$1,000 Gen and Kelly Tanabe Student Scholarship

LAGRANT Foundation Scholarships

Asian Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program

United Negro College Fund