Financial Literacy

Learning About your money

As a student member of TRIO SSP, it is important that you become financially literate. TRIO SSP strives to help its students learn how to manage their money, the in's & out's of Financial Aid, and the best way to set their self up for future financial success. If you ever have questions about financial issues, please contact your TRIO advisor. 

Student Financial Aid

The Student Financial Aid office will do whatever they can to ensure that you are well prepared for the next semester, but, you must meet with them in advanced. Don't wait until the last minute to set up an appointment with a financial aid specialist. They will be able to help you more, if you give them more time. For questions email or call at (269) 387-6000.

Student Financial Aid

FASFA 2021-22 Application

Foundations in Personal Finance Course

This course will help you become a more well rounded  individual when it comes to financial literacy. This course will cover topics like budgeting, saving money, mastering credit, and even college planning. Start the path to mastering personal finance. 

To register for the Foundations in Personal Finance course:

  1. Go to their website
  2. Create an account using your WMU email
  3. Use b86fb1 as your class/voucher/access code
  4. Hit Create an Account then Return to Sign-In
  5. Put in your new log-in information and hit Let's Go
  6. Click on Fall 2020 Foundations in Personal Finance course
  7. Start with Chapter 1 and work your way through!