Low Vision Optometric Services

Woman using low vision device.

If you have difficulty reading small print, watching television, reading road signs, seeing curbs and stairs, writing checks, seeing clearly in sun, glare, or low light, and completing job or school tasks, we can help.

What we can do

  • A complete functional vision assessment including near and distance acuity measurement as well as visual field-testing.
  • Lighting and glare evaluation to determine the most effective type and intensity of light and light filters to reduce glare.
  • A thorough eye examination by an experienced low vision optometrist.
  • An evaluation of a variety of low vision devices that will enable the patient to be more independent in daily tasks, which may include:
    • Computer modifications
    • Glare and light control
    • Magnifiers
    • Microscopic reading eyewear
    • Telescopic systems
    • Video magnifiers
  • Information and referral for other services available to persons with vision impairment.
  • Specialized glasses to allow an individual to continue driving.
  • Training in the most effective use and care of the recommended visual aids.

Low Vision Rehabilitation Referral Form