• Family

    Putting the pieces back together

    Our clinicians will help you to focus on the needs of the whole family. We'll start by completing comprehensive family assessments.

BRISA Treatment and Intervention

After family assessments are completed, an integrative family report is crafted to provide a comprehensive understanding of how intergenerational trauma, attachment patterns and substance use have impacted the family system, and specific recommendations regarding resiliency-based interventions and treatment to ideally support reunification or family preservation. Depending on the specific needs of the particular family, ongoing services are provided either directly through BRISA, elsewhere in the community or through a combination of both.

Treatment/Intervention Services offered by BRISA include the following components:

  • Individual and Group Substance Abuse Treatment for the Parent(s): Utilizing Seeking Safety and Men/Women in Recovery, evidence-based treatments for trauma and addiction. Seeking Safety includes components of setting boundaries in relationships, healing from anger, recovery thinking with a main aim to help clients attain safety in their relationships, thinking, behavior and emotions.
  • Short-Term Parent Coaching: Utilizing Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)®, an evidence-based therapeutic caregiving model and family intervention that is focused on healing relational trauma and strengthening caregiver attunement and familial attachment relationships
  • Attachment-Focused Therapeutic Treatment: Utilizing Theraplay®, an evidence-based dyadic child and family therapy that has been recognized by the Association of Play Therapy as one of seven seminal psychotherapies for children. Theraplay® is focused on supporting healthy child/caregiver attachment.

The family and treatment team meet monthly to review progress on the resiliency-based case plan.