Cochlear Implant Services

The audiology clinic at the Charles Van Riper Language, Speech and Hearing Clinic at Western Michigan University provides services and support for individuals seeking cochlear implants as well as those who already have them implanted. Audiologic testing, mapping, troubleshooting and/or replacement of external parts are provided at our clinic. We provide the following Cochlear Implant services:

  • Candidacy testing - Our audiologists will determine if a patient is a candidate for a cochlear implant by conducting audiologic testing, psychological testing and a medical examination. Candidates are then referred to a surgeon.
  • Mapping - Mapping is the process by which the audiologist uses a computer to determine the amount of electrical stimulation each electrode delivers to the auditory nerve. MAPs are adjusted over time. Sometimes the Mapping process takes several appointments to ensure correct settings.
  • Troubleshooting - As new cochlear implant recipients learn and gain experience with their device, audiologists will generally reprogram and "fine tune" the device to provide patients with the best quality of perceived sound.
  • Replacement parts - Our staff will help you order and install replacement parts for your cochlear implant.

To schedule an appointment, call (269) 387-8047.