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A coordinated system of stationery is important to presenting the University’s brand identity clearly and consistently. Letterhead, envelopes and business cards often serve as the first graphic representation of the University to a variety of audiences. By using the standardized formats available, every college, school, department and unit can show its proper affiliation to the University. 

An improved online ordering system for WMU has recently been implemented. To order business cards, letterhead and envelopes use the Printlink online customer login set up for WMU. Create an account, once in the system envelopes and business stationery categories are available.

Online customer login

Personalized business cards 

The approved format for personalized business cards includes the University seal signature or promotional mark signature in two colors at the top, followed by the individual’s name in bold type and his or her title and college, school, department or unit name in smaller type. Thereafter, a space, the address with mail stop, phones, fax, email and web address appear in smaller type. GPS coordinates also may be used when available.

Office business cards

Generic business cards may be created when a unit wants to display general unit information without including the name of an individual. Minimum information must include: 

  • University seal signature or promotional W mark signature
  • Unit name
  • Unit room and building location
  • Unit telephone
  • WMU website


Standard letterhead size is 8.5 inches by 11 inches. The approved format includes:

  • University seal signature or promotional mark signature
  • College, school, department or unit name in the upper right corner
  • Mailing address, phone, fax, email and web information in the lower right corner
  • A campus site location (room number and building where the office is located)

A single-color (black ink) letterhead also is available for use with special mailings of large-quantity orders

Letterhead formatting

The proper formatting of letters prepared on University letterhead has the left-hand margin of a text aligned with the center of the tree in the University seal, or the left of the W on promotional mark letterhead. The right edge of the letter’s text should not extend beyond the right end of the rule at the top. 


Two standard size envelopes are available: 

  • No. 10 (9.5 inches wide by 4.125 inches high)
  • No. 7 3/4 (7.5 inches wide by 3.875 inches high)

Consistent application of the University seal signature or promotional mark signature on envelopes helps establish a consistent brand identity for the University among its multiple audiences. The art appears in two colors, with the college, school, department or unit name and the address below it.

Electronic letterhead templates

Individual units should not attempt to produce their stationery products. For units that want to produce letterhead on a desktop printer, a customized electronic templates in Microsoft Word can be provided by the Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications.

Avoid common errors

The layout of the promotional mark signature and seal signature as shown on stationery is not available for use as art on other materials.

Email signatures

Please use the following format:

Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo MI 49008-your +4 ZIP USA
Campus site: room number and building name

To meet accessibility requirements for the email signature, the W logo image file is no longer available. Files for W-Exchange desktop and online email signature instructions are available as a download for both a MAC and PC.