Dissecting the Dilemma of Homelessness

WAIT, She was homeless?

Trustee Emeritus George Franklin unveiled the deeply personal journey behind the Wall Street Journal's headline sensation, "She Talked Like a Millionaire, Slept in a Parking Garage and Fooled Nearly Everyone". Delve into the heart-wrenching narrative of Franklin's late sister and her struggle with homelessness, shedding light on the complex realities often obscured by societal misconceptions.

In an enlightening discussion, WSJ reporter Jon Kamp provided invaluable insights drawn from his extensive reporting on homelessness, mental health, and substance use disorders. Together, we unraveled the intricate layers of this pressing issue, confronting the harsh truths while fostering understanding and compassion.

Kalamazoo Mayor Anderson, along with esteemed professors from the School of Social Work, Dr. Shane Brady and Dr. Don Cooney (also serving as City Commissioner for Kalamazoo), joined our endeavor. As the rate of homelessness escalates in Kalamazoo, it's imperative to challenge prevailing narratives and confront the underlying issues head-on. Guests joined us as we embarked on a journey of empathy, education, and advocacy, guided by firsthand accounts, journalistic expertise, and the collective wisdom of community leaders and experts. Together, we can strive for meaningful change and support those most in need within our city.

WAIT, SHE WAS HOMELESS? 2024 Spring WeTalk Event Video