Diversity Without Division

We Talk and Irshad Manji's Moral Courage College for "Diversity without Division": a thought-provoking, interactive experience that delved into the heart of what it means to build a culture of belonging.

Allison Gerrard came to campus and led two Diversity Without Division workshops that taught these principles:

-A culture of belonging is less about shared beliefs and more about effective communication.

-Deeper understanding of communicating in a way that fosters connection, respect and inclusiveness

-Draw upon life experiences to navigate the challenges of listening in times of tension, high emotion, and division

-Practical techniques for turning diverse perspectives into opportunities for productive engagement

Meet our Moral Courage Mentor: Allison Gerrard

Allison Gerrard is the Director of Education for the Moral Courage Project. There, she trains and certifies professionals to teach diversity without division in their own workplaces. A scholar of behavioral science, she led the Hidden Talents Lab in the psychology department at the University of Utah, where her team studied the skills that young people develop in the face of adversity. Now, as a certified Moral Courage Mentor, she equips people in business, higher ed, and K-12 schools to communicate productively about polarizing issues.