A smiling WMU graduate wearing her cap and gown

Bronco Impact

Nobody charges forward like a Bronco. Our students, faculty and alumni are making their mark for a better world.


  • WMU student Julia McCarren turns to face the camera as she leans against a brick wall

    The power of music

    I’m thankful for my professors and peers for encouraging my passion to pursue the neuroscience of music and contribute research that will help people in need.

    Julia McCarren, music therapy

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  • WMU student Matthew Craig attaches a tablet device to a robot

    Experts in their field

    WMU faculty research in human-machine communication will set me apart from others in a field that’s growing fast.

    Matthew Craig, communications

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  • WMU student Joshua Turske placing paper into a recycling bin

    Sorting out recycling behaviors

    Taking on a project like this and presenting it to executives was a great experience that not many students have.

    Joshua Turske, psychology

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  • Dr. Cindy Linn with a microscope in the background

    Groundbreaking vision research

    Learning how to regenerate neurons could lead to reversing the effects of glaucoma or Alzheimer’s disease.

    Dr. Cindy Linn, professor of biological sciences, researching the retina and visual system

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  • Dr. Melissa Intindola listens to a student in a forum setting

    Improving classroom dynamics

    Teachers set the tone in their classrooms. I want my classroom to be a space where students feel comfortable engaging with each other.

    Dr. Melissa Intindola, assistant professor of management

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  • Dr. Steven Butt points to a laptop screen as two students look on

    Encouraging undergraduate research

    We bring in undergrads to help groom them for grad school while they get lab experience.

    Dr. Steven Butt, interim dean, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, creating research opportunities at WMU’s Human Performance Institute

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  • WMU graduate Sarah Hulbert George faces the camera and smiles with her laptop open behind her displaying her current work

    Unraveling the mysteries of stroke

    The most exciting thing about my work in biophysics is its potential to make an immediate and direct impact on people.

    Sarah Hulbert George, B.S., ’13, physics alumna, researching stroke rehabilitation and recovery

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  • Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan pose for a photo together

    Inspired to give

    (My professors) saw something in me that I didn't even see in myself at the time, and that's the kind of student we want to help.

    Rob Vaughan, B.S., ’86, Vaughan Family Alpha Scholarship for first-year Alpha Program students

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  • Michigan Teacher of the Year Laura Chang smiles warmly to young children in a school setting while holding a book open

    A remarkable teacher

    It’s a huge honor to be an ambassador for education. I attribute a lot of my success to the training I received at Western.

    Laura Chang, 2018-19 Michigan Teacher of the Year

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