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Mahsa Teachman, Bryan Sutton, Jeff Landers, and Grant Allers draw the Business and Finance Bingo winners.

Holiday Engagement Bingo Drawing

Lucky Winners: Kevin Bridges, Jessica Brininger, Casey Bushouse, Bree Cuyler, Connie Fox, Tracey Lawie, Miranda Meeker, and Scott Puckett

Thank you Mahsa Teachman, Bryan Sutton, Jeff Landers, and Grant Allers for drawing the winners.

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The Office of Business and Finance is dedicated to advancing the missions and goals of Western Michigan University through effective fiscal business practices and a wide variety of administrative and support services. Our fiduciary responsibility, to the Board of Trustees, students, faculty, staff, and taxpayers of the state of Michigan, is at the forefront of all we do. We are proud to provide the infrastructure essential to advance WMU's activities and do so with a commitment to excellence and innovation.

Jan Van Der Kley
Vice President for Business and Finance and Treasurer for the Board of Trustees

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