Master of Science Program

The Master of Science in computer science is a professional program providing emphasis on computer software development and theoretical foundations of computer science. It is designed to prepare students for professional positions in industrial corporations, government service or computer service companies, and provide preparation for additional graduate work at the Ph.D. level. Graduates of this program, in addition to receiving a strong theoretical background, should also become competent programmers and system designers.

This web site provides information specific to the computer science program. Additional information regarding general University requirements can be obtained from the Office of Admissions and Orientation. International students may check the admissions procedure from Office of International Student Services (OISS). Further details regarding the computer science program may be obtained from the department's office administrative assistants. Once admitted to the master's program, students are assigned a faculty advisor to help them plan their specific program of study, making sure that all degree requirements are met.

Students with a strong undergraduate background in computer science and mathematics may be able to complete the program in sixteen months, but most students will probably require a longer period of time.

For more information, including admissions requirements, financial assistance , and program requirements, please visit the WMU Catalog.

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Changes in the Computer Science M.S. program

Tentative, final approvals pending:

Effective Fall 2021, foundation courses (CS5310, CS5541 and CS5800) will not be mandatory. Instead, all incoming MS students will be asked to take an entry test, Pre-Masters Entry Test (PMET) before the start of their first semester. Students who fail the test will be assigned corresponding foundation course(s) from CS5310, CS5541 or CS5800 as part of their programs of study. Credit hours earned in these foundation courses count towards masters program’s 30 credit hour requirement.