Master's in Computer Science

Increase your skills for professional positions in industrial corporations, government service or computer service companies that require computer software development and theoretical foundations of computer science as well as effective programming and system design skills. Or enhance your research acumen to pursue a research career and a Ph.D. Your success comes from hard work and the support of faculty who are leading experts in the field. When you pursue advanced degrees in computer science at Western, you will be on the way to achieving your dreams.

Pride points

  • 96% of graduate students are working or continuing their education after graduation

    2022-23 Career Outcomes Report

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  • $90K - $100K median starting salary for recent master's of computer science graduates working full time

    2022-23 Career Outcomes Report

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  • 96% of graduate students working full time after graduation have a job related to their degree

    2022-23 Career Outcomes Report

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Is a master's degree in computer science right for me?

Do you have a strong background in computer science--programming and hardware and software support? Does working with driven students and faculty from around the world appeal to you? Are you ready to elevate your career or pursue research in your area of expertise? Then the Master of Science in computer science may be a good fit.


Students applying to the WMU computer science program are not required to submit GRE scores. Graduate applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, typically within two to four weeks after all documents have been received. Each application receives a holistic review; the committee considers all the credentials of an applicant and does not base our decision on any one item. There are other factors that also impact decisions, including the pool of applicants, open seats, etc. You are encouraged to submit and complete your application as soon as you can.

Li Yang

  • The master's program offers a comprehensive and advanced education in the dynamic field of computer science. With a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and the opportunity for specialization, graduates are prepared to excel in diverse roles within the ever-evolving IT industry.

    Dr. Li Yang, professor of computer science

How can I fund my graduate degree

How can I fund my graduate degree

Graduate education can be expensive. At Western, we strive to help make it affordable. You can fund your graduate degree through federal aid, loans, scholarships, grants, research assistantships, teaching assistantships and more.


Professor discussing concepts with three students listening

Graduate support at WMU

Our specialties enhance your future

When you become part of the computer science department at WMU, you will work with faculty who will augment your classroom learning with hands-on practice. With varied backgrounds, professors are also leading experts and researchers in their specialized areas. Check out some our areas of focus.

  • algorithmic complexity theory;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • bioinformatics;
  • cloud computing; compiler optimization;
  • computational science; computer architecture;
  • computer networking; computer security;
  • cyber-physical systems or internet of things;
  • data analytics;
  • data driven security analytics;
  • data warehousing and mining;
  • distributed and mobile data bases;
  • embedded systems;
  • human-computer interaction and visualization;
  • high-performance computing;
  • knowledge-based systems;
  • language and automata theory;
  • mathematical and computer modeling;
  • multimedia databases and systems;
  • neural networks;
  • parallel and distributed algorithms;
  • pattern recognition and image processing;
  • scientific computing and numerical analysis;
  • simulation; smart connected communities;
  • software engineering
  • web applications

What have other graduate computer science students achieved?

Fast track your learning

  • Fast track your learning with an accelerated degree

    Undergraduate student can access more learning and save time in our accelerated master’s program. Weave graduate courses (up to 12 credits) into your undergraduate degree in computer science from WMU, and earn your B.S. and M.S. in computer science in 140 credit hours.