Matt Czach Named Product Design Executive in Residence for Spring Semester 2024

Matt Czach.Matt Czach, a distinguished multi-disciplinary designer and seasoned product leader, will serve as the RID+I Hearron Product Design Executive in Residence for the Spring Semester of 2024. With a career spanning over two decades, Matt brings a wealth of experience and a track record of success in developing commercially viable products across diverse industries.

"We are lucky to have Matt Czach as part of the professional talent at the Richmond Institute," said Philip Repp, Director of the Richmond Institute. "Matt brings a wealth of experiences, talents, and skills for RID+I students to take advantage of and further their aspirations toward excellence. I am looking forward to our time together." 

Matt's journey in design began with traditional Industrial Design, and he quickly rose to prominence, contributing his expertise to renowned brands such as KitchenAid, Yamaha and Stryker. Over the years, his role evolved, and he became a dynamic force in user-centered design leadership, driving innovation and competitiveness in the brands he touched.

In his role as Product Design Executive in Residence, Matt will be engaged in a multifaceted approach to enriching the educational experience at the Richmond Institute. He will be developing online instruction, designing initiatives for charettes, delivering a public lecture on design leadership, mentoring the student IDSA group, providing guest reviews, and contributing to the development of an asynchronous strategy for acquiring skills and competencies necessary for designers.

As the Product Design Executive in Residence, Matt Czach will undoubtedly inspire and mentor the next generation of designers at the Richmond Institute, sharing his vast knowledge and insights gained from a distinguished career.