Kimberly Buchholz

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Kimberly Buchholz
Faculty Specialist
(269) 387-3708
  • M.Arch, Kendall College of Art & Design
  • B.F.A., Interior Design, Kendall College of Art & Design
  • B.S., Art History, Kendall College of Art & Design

Kim is a multidisciplinary design entrepreneur and practitioner. She is the Director of Design and co-founder of Hungry Architecture, a spatial design collaborative using architecture to encourage a higher purpose. Inspired by the intrinsic hungering of humanity and the search for meaning in life, Hungry Architecture is shaped through the core principles of environmentalism, artistry, technology and activism. Her work spans multiple design scales and sectors with projects including residential, commercial, mixed use, industrial, landscape and urban, as well as curatorial and collection consulting in various galleries and museums. The collaborative and research-based nature of her practice allows Kim to work through an integrative and intersectional process, bringing experience to the forefront of the design process. As practice-based faculty, Kim pulls impactful, real-world projects into the classroom where students learn from practice and project management; interact with project stakeholders; as well as develop their own agency in utilizing design as a catalyst in their professional pursuits. Hungry Architecture has earned multiple Good for Michigan and Good for Grand Rapids business awards, in addition to being awarded a finalist placement in a global business plan competition for innovative architectural firm practice and management. Kim utilizes professional practice as a means to establish and advance engaging curriculum development throughout the Interior Architecture and Design program that is relevant and forward-looking. 

Over the past 10 years, Kim has been an invited lecturer at several universities, presented architectural work and research at numerous conferences, has been published in peer-reviewed journals, and has had various public speaking engagements with non-profit organizations. She has championed design accessibility and community projects including the integration of green infrastructure in overlooked zip codes, adaptive design for those recovering from catastrophic injuries, facilitated community engagement and participatory design sessions, and assisted regulatory bodies in identifying social inequities in urban planning guides.

In 2017, Kim was awarded an Architect-in-Residence Fellowship at Golden Apple Artist Residency. Kim has also established Hungry Architecture as a valuable research consultant for the U.S. Economic Development Administration Center for Community and Economic Innovation located within Michigan State University, specifically in the developing relationship between architectural practice and the advancing field of Domicology, the study of economic, social and environmental material life cycle within the build environment. She has received two Climate Change Teaching Fellowships and a pedagogical certificate The Humanity of Inclusive Practices – Liberatory and Contemplative Pedagogy.

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